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I work from home.

Working out of your house sounds like a great gig, and in many ways it is. I can get chores done while waiting for a file to print out, and wander in the garden while conducting business on the phone. I don’t have to start dinner at 8 unless I want to, and I almost never have to sit in traffic, or wait in the cold for the train.

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You’ve got a Facebook page and a Twitter. You use Constant Contact eblasts, and your Executive Director has a linked-in profile. Seventy percent of non-member sales are on line. But “it doesn’t work, because we never get gifts from the eblasts.” Read the rest of this entry »

So, you have a policy, a rationale, and a tool.

How do you get people to use it? No number of protocols, tools, or rules will get you a clean, consistent database without buy-in from the people using it. And the key is training and support.

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I once read a database training manual. Really.

I had to do this because the bookkeeping office accidentally wiped out 25 years of records without backing up, about a month after I started the job, and before I was really familiar with the system. (Fortunately we had unassailable paper records–ALWAYS keep the paper records, but that’s another topic).

And yet I didn’t really get comfortable with that database until I took the training and had someone give me rules based on what I was seeing on the screen.

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