I just received my fifth notice of a January 15 proposal deadline from a major foundation.

Back in my Sherwood Conservatory days, the school would literally turn off the lights from December 23 to January 3, and force its employees to make that their annual vacation. Which basically meant that I did not get to take vacation, because there were always these January 2 through January 15 deadlines. Pre-internet, this meant that I would be in the building, in the dark and the cold, writing grants while everyone else was singing carols and drinking hot chocolate.

This phenomenon continues, although now I can conveniently work from home while everyone else is visiting family, or the beach. I’m sure that all the foundation officers are thinking, oh lovely, I’ll come back from the holidays all refreshed and read these proposals before dashing the hopes and dreams of all those development officers who just had to work on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day because it just hasn’t occurred to me that maybe they would like to take those days off, along with the rest of us.

Did I mention that I can’t get these proposals done at the beginning of December because of the foundations who did manage to consider this, and made their deadline December 15?

Oops– nope can’t write these between December 15 and December 24 because I’m eyeball deep in my End of Year fund appeal and processing thank you letters and donor calls 24-7.

Maybe think about the rhythms especially of the one- or two-person shops out there and don’t have ANY December or January deadlines? Just a thought.

But don’t worry about me. You have a nice vacation. Just do me a favor. Please don’t set any deadlines for February. I need a break.