Common sense consulting on grants, fundraising, management, planning and start up support for small non-profits.

This says it all: my name starts with an X, my hair is pink, and I curse like a sailor. I started life as an artist, until I realized that the world needs people to help artists be businesspeople more than it needs another artist. It also turned out that I was way better at business than I was at being an artist.

So that’s what I do—I help artists and others save the world. If you need me to help you save the world, or your little corner of it, with common sense advice on non-profit fundraising and management, email me:

History of Juno Consulting

I began my consulting practice in 1989 while seeking a way to care for young children at home while continuing my career in nonprofit management. Named for my children Julian and Nora, Juno started with a single client- The Oriana Singers, and has grown over the years as I helped many young organizations find their feet.

After dipping in and out of full time gigs as Executive Director of  The Oriana Singers and Development Director at Sherwood Conservatory of Music and Light Opera Works, in 2011 I finally took the plunge and went full time as a consultant with two “anchor” clients- Music Theater Works (formerly Light Opera Works) and Peterson Garden Project.

With more than 20 years experience watching the triumphs and success of small and midsized arts organizations from the inside, I have a feet-on-the-ground  insight into the needs and interests of these organizations far superior to the understanding of big well-connected consulting firms, who offer boiler-plate advice based on organizations with reach and resources. You’ll never get a boilerplate from Juno Consulting; you’ll get “craft” proposals that directly address the problems and needs of each particular organization.

Outside of the business, I’m a nationally-rated figure skating instructor (really), as well as an accomplished visual artist with works in numerous corporate collections. I’m an active volunteer and advocate for sustainable food systems, and have received awards and honors for each of these activities.