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You know who I’m talking about. (Don’t name them! It only makes them stronger)

Every board has one–the member who seems to think his mission in life is to make it as hard as possible to get anything done. Unfortunately, there’s no way to keep them off your board, because they’re sneaky and are hard to spot until they’ve done their damage (this is why they are ninjas).

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Every board member from a small organization I’ve ever met thinks they know what a board does.

And yet I’m constantly catching them writing press releases, asking to balance the accounts, sticking their noses into the marketing calendar, and trying to override artistic decisions. Read the rest of this entry »

Once you’re ready to start putting together a board in earnest, you need to approach it, as I said, with caution and deliberation. Caution, because boards are petry dishes for the Rule of Thirds.

One third of your board will be valuable members, contributing money, expertise and emotional support.
One third of your board will do nothing
One third of your board will actively work to undermine everything the rest of the board is doing. (Think ‘Congress’)

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You’ve just started a local not-for-profit, with a budget under $250,000. While your mission ties into global concerns, your goals are strictly local. One of your statutory needs is a board of directors. Who do you recruit? Read the rest of this entry »