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Social media have created new definitions for development–“reach,” “influence,” “impact,” “engagement” all have nuances created by social media.

But when you go back into the old language of development what you find is not much has changed. Social media are not a new paradigm, they’re just a new tool.

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How many lives do you have? Family? Job? Hobby? More than one hobby?

I have several lives that braid themselves together–mother, business woman, gardener, skater, teacher, artist, writer, cook. They intertwine with the lives around me–my skating daughter, my teacher son, my musician husband. The gardeners that I know through gardening, and the ones that I know through family. The skaters from the rink, and the ones from my writing. The cooks who sing and the business colleagues who skate.

But sometimes it’s better to separate the conjoined, for the health of all. So I have multiple Twitter feeds.

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I once read a database training manual. Really.

I had to do this because the bookkeeping office accidentally wiped out 25 years of records without backing up, about a month after I started the job, and before I was really familiar with the system. (Fortunately we had unassailable paper records–ALWAYS keep the paper records, but that’s another topic).

And yet I didn’t really get comfortable with that database until I took the training and had someone give me rules based on what I was seeing on the screen.

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I’ve wormed my way into trade shows as “press” before, on the strength of my blogging empire (as one friend calls it), but this week I was actually treated like press at the Independent Garden Center (IGC) show in Chicago. And some of what I’ve seen confuses, or disturbs me.

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