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Have you ever been in one of those painful training or round table sessions where no one ever says anything?

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I once read a database training manual. Really.

I had to do this because the bookkeeping office accidentally wiped out 25 years of records without backing up, about a month after I started the job, and before I was really familiar with the system. (Fortunately we had unassailable paper records–ALWAYS keep the paper records, but that’s another topic).

And yet I didn’t really get comfortable with that database until I took the training and had someone give me rules based on what I was seeing on the screen.

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Pamela Grow recently asked me if I had a simple tool for establishing database protocols, which, being an utter database geek, of course I do.

I’m using the term “protocol” to mean “the proper way to do something” in other words, a system of rules.

And as far as I’m concerned, having everyone with permission to alter your database in any way on board with these protocols is as important as curtseying to the Queen.

Simply. Not. Negotiable.

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