I wear another hat, and it’s a gardening hat!

What makes a garden a garden and not just a yard?

What most people think about in a garden is sight: it looks nice. And taste— you can grow the things you eat. But gardens satisfy every sense: Smell—of roses, soil, or herbs. Sound—buzzing insects, and singing birds; the rustling of small animals in the brush, maybe running water. There’s touch—the fuzz of a lambs ear, or the prick of a rose. A crisp forsythia leaf, the hard shell of a nut, the heavy sun on the back of your neck and of course the wonderful feel of the soil around your hands. Technique is important to get the result you want, and gardens have an inherent aesthetic that is met even if you don’t think about it: flowers are pretty; food tastes good. But technique alone cannot bring joy, that ineffable element that heals your heart and calms your brain.

Juno Gardens is garden advice, education, and maintenance (I’ll review your design or layout, but I don’t do garden design) for home, workplace, community, or school gardens.

I’m an award-winning gardener (Chicago Mayors’ Landscape Award, 2nd Place Region 1 for Single Family Residential), a University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener, was on the Leadership Team for Peterson Garden Project, and have done clinics and education for YWCA TechGYRLS, and at the Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago Flower and Garden Show, The Admiral, Brookdale Lakeshore Drive, and Mather High School.